OEM Manufacturing

OEM manufacturing: Produce your products in China, as you wish!

We have a 4000 top-class factories database and we are able to produce your product in China and deliver it to you, as you desire.

Give us a full product description, with all specs, quantities, and photos and we will reply to you shortly. 
Inquiries: Send your OEM project now to info@iceberghk.com

OEM manufacturing: A case study: 

Phase A: Understanding customer’s needs and finding suitable manufacturer:

  1. Customer Requirements Analysis and translation to Chinese via videocalls
  2. Commencing large scale research to find the suitable manufacturer in China
  3. Selecting the manufacturer and explaining the requirements

  4. Get samples and perform quality controls (according to the customer standards)

  1. Phase B: Guidance and supervision of the manufacturing process:

  1. Verify the results with customer and commencing production

  2. Monitoring of production process and report to the customer
  3. Get production samples and apply corrections (if needed)

  4. Assist with packaging, marking, labeling and other details

  5. Support the shipping agents to find the best method
  6. Final stage quality control and shipping.