Export to china Project

Penetrate the Chinese Market via TMALL, the biggest wholesale online platform in China.

Do you run a business with annual turnover over 3 million EUR, you produce a high quality product that is desired from the Chinese audience and you are determined to penetrate the vast Chinese Market? Are you willing to invest 150K euros to do it? If yes, you can join us, as an Eligible VIP Customer, and we can assist you to make it reality.

We can organize and set up a full operational E-Shop in TMALL China, assemble workers team, upload content and run the business for you in China. All eligible VIP customers make profit at the end of the 1st year of operation, read what we do exactly:

Tmall Shop Preparations & Operational Costs

What is TMALL? : The Tmall platform holds 62% of whole sale and retail sales in China, the biggest on-line platform, the most prestigious and the safest for the buyers.

At 2020, the e-commerce in China is the 91% of the total domestic trade of China.

Initial Costs:

Payments DIRECTLY to Tmall Company to acquire a shop: 200.000 CNY + 30.000 to 60.000 CNY returnable guarantees.

+ 20.000 CNY to register a trade mark to China
+ warehouse expenses + Chinese company expenses (20.000 CNY yearly / after the shop is ready)


  1. Preparation for the preliminary Tmall project cooperation of Iceberg

Team preparation matters:

  1. Shop connection
  2. The product attribute table provides: product specifications, models, ingredients, cost prices, expected selling prices, product selling points, etc.
  3. Product pictures: Take photos according to the overall plan provided by the operation.
  4. 4.Customerservice:    1 to2 employees of product deployment will of customer service for the line on the camp pin technology skillfully so specialized industry training,   to have a successfully entry.
  5. Other details, formal operation, operations manager will set up the project teamQgroup, both real-time cross daily flows, the two sides need to sincerely cooperate with timely treatment.

Team connection issues:

  1. Thepre-project needs assessment: market potential, product quality and cost, supply chain, customer service and hair goods docking capability; directly below the industry average eliminated, product quality and delivery must be reliable. 
  2. Official closingfor 3 – 4 working days within the docking team 7 -15 working days to complete the store locator , the election shall work for; the team took the first 1-2 weeks will issue operational ideas and programs to communicate with the business, to ensure that the work carried out efficiently.
  3. The store operates for15days, and the operation formulates the first quarter sales target based on the market feedback from the previous test.
  1. All of the operations, investment plans, operations will advance to communicate with the business after the business agreed to implement, there is doubtjustice consultations optimization; monthly summary of the work and the work plan next month, operators will be good for the merchant listed in detail,including Operation plan, investment plan, expected effect, cooperation required by the merchant, etc. 
  2. If there is any cooperation problem with the merchant, please contact the operation and after-sales in a timely manner and deal with it as soon as possible.After-sales, weaccept problem handling and feedback throughout the day, and operate from Monday to Sunday to deal with store problems.
  1. List of services:

Order No.

service items

Service business within content              


Store and product analysis

Online market research, competitive product analysis, product category, price analysis, etc.


 Shop style decoration

Design and production of store front page and theme poster pages


Detail page main graphic design

Design and production of product details page, main picture and event poster


 Product presentation

Product selling point refinement


 Product listing

Product listing, discount setting, coupon setting


Optimal time of loading and unloading

Optimization of product shelf time


 Product title optimization

Product title phrase optimization


Wi-end transport operators

Wireless settings optimization, activities, themes, videos and other wireless related settings.


 Store event planning

Mainly based on product discounts in stores


 Inside and outside activities

According to the characteristics of the store, declare the activities inside and outside the relevant station


 Store promotion

According to the situation of the store, carry out through trains, top class online exhibitions, and various promotion activities

Taobao Outsourcing Service Work Stage Table:

Work segment

Working period

Work content


Renovation stage

1-2 weeks

Optimize the homepage and details page, and optimize the category classification in the store.

   Enhance conversion rates, improve care within the inn dwell time

Drainage stage – Attract clients

3 weeks

Introduce TaTaobao traffic through the optimization of through trains and the establishment of a significant customer basis


   Enhance conversion rates, improve care within the inn dwell time

   Explosion models cultivating stage segment

4 weeks

Based on drainage, quickly screen out the high-quality products in the store and package them into in-store explosions and develop into drainage products.

  Cultivate 1 to 2 hot-selling models to promote into the free drainage upgrade

   Traffic Optimization -order segment

2 -3 weeks

On the basis of drainage, quickly screen out the high-quality products in the store and package them into in-store explosions, and develop into drainage products.

Optimize store quality scores and improve natural search rankings.

   Shop mature stage segment

long term work

Home and regularly optimize product inside pages, participate in Taobao large live action, improve in-store CRM system.

Solid overall transaction shop turnover, enhance knowledge store branding

Online Marketing: Advertisement Activities Costs

Boost Page

5000 to 10000 CNY monthly packages

This need to be activated from the beginning

Live video sales at ALL retail platforms

15.000 (1 person assigned to the video sales with salary and commission 2%)

This is activated when everything is ready and the product in the warehouse

Samples to wholesale customers

To be arranged with the customer

We aim to restaurant suppliers, hotel chains, Provincial level wholesalers

Online exhibitions

To be arranged with the customer

1 per year, special for customer products, all the staff will be assigned to reply to all questions

Tasting events

To be arranged with the customer

At the Tier-1 cities of China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc)

Mission team configuration:   (6 people)

Operations Manager

Operations Assistant


Promotion activities







Cooperation fee: service fee + mention point

Service type

Store type

Fee (service fee + mention point)

payment method

Whole store operation


360.000 / half year +15-21%

Half-yearly payment/yearly payment

Our Service Fee (to run the entire operation in China):

Real monthly sales below 200.000 CNY 15 %,  real monthly sales between 200.000 and 400.000 CNY 18%, 

real monthly sales above 400.000CNY 21%,

Both parties A and B conduct monthly commission settlements, and the commission for the month is paid before the 20th of the following month.