About us

Our Mission

We deliver results”. All customers will get exactly what they need, in a pre-agreed time, based on his requirements, with safety and ethics.

Iceberg Corporation Limited, is a Hong Kong based company, with offices at Shenzhen and Yiwu, in Mainland China and Greece in Europe. We offer the best services possible in various fields:

Trading: We trade all hi-Tech products, such as mobile phones, miners, 5G components, spare parts and accessories. Also, we trade a vast number of products produced in China. And we provide high quality services, such as packing, reliable shipping and quality controls.

OEM Manufacturing: We execute all types of production projects in Mainland China, from bags to hi-tech products

Sourcing: We source any product from China, finding the best manufacturer with fixed delivery dates and quality control. 

Exclusive distribution: We are working with the best Chinese manufacturers, and we promote their products to Europe, via exclusivity agreements to secure the highest possible level of collaboration

“Export to China” Projects: We consult and help a limited and selected European Manufacturers to penetrate the Chinese market via its digital ecosystem.


Our team is assembled from High Level, High experience members, all with more than 25 years of experience, loyal to our motto: “we deliver results”.